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North Korea Today Will Come Back with a New Look

North Korea Today Will Come Back with a New Look

Good Friends has entered the eighth year since it first published North Korea Today, a weekly newsletter dedicated to delivering the voices of North Korean people.  When we began the newsletter, the focus of international and domestic media was on the North Korean top leader and his regime, and little attention was paid to ordinary people in North Korea.  We, at Good Friends, thought listening to the voices of North Korean residents and helping let them heard was a way to contributing to the peaceful reunification of  two Koreas.  Therefore, we have focused our work on the daily lives of North Korean people and disseminated how much internal change North Korea was undergoing.  

Meanwhile, the inter-Korean relations and the surrounding international circumstances have substantially changed as well as the Korean people’s perception of unification.  Now we need to take this transformative momentum and turn it into an opportunity for peaceful reunification and new development of the nation.  The role of North Korea Today needs to change as well.  That said, we will suspend publication for a short period of time and come back with a new look.  

We deeply appreciate your continued attention and support.  Thank you, and see you soon.
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