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2008 North Korea Food Crisis-Video file


This video file includes the interviews of the North Korean People on the ground.

Also you can see this video file in the belowed site.


We also distribute the Powder point report file on the 2008 North Korea Food Crisis.

[전문가 간담회] 2008 북한 식량난 보고 자료
    1. 식량, 얼마나 부족한가?
    2. 일부 지역과 계층만의 문제인가?
    3. 아사는 이미 예상되고 있었다.
    4. 지금이라도 늦지 않았다.
Exclusive Briefing on the Food Shortage of North Korea 2008
    1. Food, how short is it?
    2. Is it only partial problem?
    3. Predicted Famine
    4. It’s not too late.

If you are intrested in this report file, just send email to us.


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Daney said...

한국정부는 북한에 긴급식량 20만톤을 지원해야 합니다.

Anonymous said...

북한을 살립시다

Changmi said...

OMG! This is 2008 Video and I know they have not received Aid since...
I pain to imagine what it will be like now 2011!!! Please Help!!

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