North Korea Today No. 450 Priority Release April 11, 2012

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Kwangmyongsung 3 Likely to Be Launched on the 13th, Central Party Official Said
It has been reported that Kwangmyongsung 3, claimed by North Korea to be a satellite and others to be a missile, will be launched during the morning of the 13th of April. An official with the Central Party said that Kwangmyongsung 3 will be launched with the support of the whole nation to commemorate the appointment of Kim Jong Un, Vice Chairman of National Defense Commission to the General Secretary of the Workers Party. The 4th Workers Party Conference will take place on the 11th, and the 5th Supreme People’s Assembly will be held on the 13th. As these are the first political events driven by Vice Chairman Kim Jong Un after the death of Chairman Kim Jong Il, it was planned to launch Kwangmyongsung 3 to highlight his presence and leadership to both domestic and overseas audiences. However, the final launch schedule is subject to change per weather conditions. On the 15th, it is expected that Pyongyang will host a large-scale military parade on the occasion of the centennial of Eternal President Kim Il Sung’s birth to show off its might.