White House petition for "A Peace Treaty on the Korean Peninsula" 한반도 평화협정 촉구 백악관 청원

Title: We petition for a comprehensive and permanent peace treaty on the Korean peninsula.

President Donald Trump has the heartfelt thanks and congratulations for his courage on behalf of peace in Korea in agreeing to meet with Chairman Kim Jong-un of North Korea. We understand that much work remains, and a nuclear freeze can be the first and critical step toward denuclearization. Moving forwards, a permanent peace treaty that finally ends the Korean War after 65 years, through normalization of relations between the U.S. and North Korea, would be a bold move for peace that will be remembered for ages. We urge the President to exercise leadership for peace and work towards a comprehensive and permanent peace solution in the Korean peninsula.


제목포괄적이고 항구적인 한반도 평화협정을 청원합니다.

도날드 트럼프 대통령이 김정은 위원장과의 만남에 동의함으로써 한반도 평화를 위해 용기를 내준 것에 대해 진심어린 감사와 축하를 드립니다핵동결은 비핵화로 가는 중요한 첫걸음이 있습니다나아가 북미관계 정상화를 통해 지난 65년간의 한국전쟁 휴전을 종식시키는 항구적인 평화협정이 이루어진다면 이러한 평화를 위한 담대한 행동은 역사에 오랫동안 기억될 것입니다평화를 위해 리더쉽을 발휘하고 한반도의 포괄적이고 항구적인 평화 정착을 위해 힘써주시길 촉구합니다.

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[White House Petition for a Peace Treaty on the Korean Peninsula]
With the recent news about the possible summit talks between North Korea and the U.S., as well as between the two Koreas, expectations of engagement with North Korea are rising. Now is the time to call for a peace treaty to end the 65-year-long armistice and ensure sustained peace on the peninsula and the region.

100,000 signatures are needed by April 13th to have the White House’s official response. Anyone can sign the petition regardless of nationality or place of residence.

“A Peace Treaty on the Korean Peninsula”
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2. In the confirmation email titled “We the people…” scroll down to the middle of the page and click on "Confirm your signature by clicking here.” to complete.

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한반도 평화협정 청원 'A Peace Treaty on the Korean Peninsula' (https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/peace-treaty-korean-peninsula)

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