Statement on "Panmunjeom Declaration for Peace, Prosperity and Unification of the Korean Peninsula"

GoodFriends USA’s Statement on Panmunjeom Declaration for Peace, Prosperity and Unification of the Korean Peninsula
April 27, 2018

GoodFriends USA welcomes and supports the Panmunjeom Declaration for Peace, Prosperity and Unification of the Korean Peninsula announced at the Third Inter-Korean Summit Meeting on April 27, 2018. We hope that this agreement becomes a starting point of resolution of current issues that the Korean Peninsula faces as well as a hopeful future for Korean people. It is a great achievement that the two leaders confirmed and agreed upon their commitment to narrow the gap between the two Koreas and cooperate with each other by engaging in active human and material exchanges at all levels. Importantly, they also confirmed and agreed upon their common resolution to denuclearize the Korean peninsula under the premise that the two Koreas will establish a permanent peace regime by easing the tension and ending the Korean War. Witnessed by people of two Koreas and the world, the agreement shall be successfully implemented. Furthermore, we do hope that the forthcoming US-DPRK summit talk has a fruitful outcome by advancing the discussion, and hopefully an agreement, on denuclearization and establishment of peace regime in more detail.

한반도의 평화와 통일을 위한 판문점 선언문”  대한 은벗들 미국지부 입장

좋은벗들 미국지부는 이번  3 남북 정상회담의 결과로 발표된 공동선언문을 영하고 지지합니다

현재 한반도에 면한 여러 현안들을 해결하고 우리 민족의 희망찬 미래를 여는 시작점이 되리라 기대합니다

으로 각계 각층에서 적극적인 인적 교류를 통해 서로간의 간극을 좁히고 협력해 나가겠다는 의지와 함께장상태를 화하고 전쟁을 종식시켜 구적인 평화체제를 구축한다는 대전제 아래 한반도 비핵화 의지를 공식적으로 확인하고 합의한 것은  성과입니다

남북한 국민들과 세계의 이목이 중된 이번 선언문의 합의내용이  이행되길 라고  성과를 이어 북미정상회담에서도 좋은 결과가 있기를 바랍니다

비핵화와 평화체제 구축에 대한   진전되고 구체적인 합의는 북미정상회담에서 이루어지기를 희망합니다.